Riverview Cemetery


Riverview Cemetery is spread across many acres of trees, bushes and grass set on a high bluff that dips down to the Rivanna River. The only privately owned cemetery to lie within the boundaries of the city of Charlottesville, it overlooks a deep bend in the river that inspired its name. Its oldest graves are those of Nicholas Lewis, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, who died in 1808, and his son Thomas W. Lewis, who died a year before his father. (See History.) The Lewis graves are set at Riverview's highest point and offer fine views of both the Rivanna River and President Thomas Jefferson's "World Heritage" home, Monticello.

Incorporated as a cemetery in 1892, Riverview has served the inhabitants of the town and country ever since. When it was opened, it was still roughly a mile east of the city's boundaries, but as Charlottesville grew, the city flowed past and around cemetery, and now Riverview is part of Charlottesville's historic Woolen Mills district. In 1974, the owners of Riverview generously donated over 26 acres of Riverview property to the city for use as a public park. With a playground and with trails that follow the curves of the Rivanna itself, Riverview Park is an amenity open to all